1.) Is WrapArt® a product for bandaging?
WrapArt® is not a product for bandaging but rather designs made out of cohesive bandage material like Vetrap™ and/or CoFlex® that is intended to be applied to bandages (soft padded, splint or cast).

2.) Will the WrapArt® designs adhere to any bandage material?
No. WrapArt® is made from the same material as Vetrap™ and CoFlex® which have cohesive properties to itself but not other materials or non-latex version of the cohesive bandage material. WrapArt® is designed to be used on any bandage that has an outer layer of similar cohesive bandage material. If you are using a non-latex version of the cohesive bandage material then please request the WrapArt® be made from a similar non-latex cohesive bandage material so that the design will stick well to the bandage.

3.) How are WrapArt® designs packaged?
WrapArt® designs are individually packaged in plastic bags to prevent from sticking to each other and to keep them clean to prevent loss of cohesiveness.

4.) Is there a minimum quantity necessary to place an order?
No. Our WrapArt® designs can be ordered individually or for your convenience in selected variety packs.

5.) Can I have a custom design created to meet my specific needs?
Yes (in most cases). We have created several WrapArt® designs that other customers have requested.

6.) I am interested in having a hospital logo or custom design created. Do I have to pay for set up costs and production of samples for proofing?
If you are interested in having your hospital logo created out of WrapArt® please email us a high quality jpeg, gif or bitmap image at postmaster@wrapart.net and we will create a proof. The cost of the proof (sample logo) is $25.00 however if you order 100 or more logos we will discount the $25.00 fee.

7.) What is the length of time between ordering and shipping of my order?
Orders for our WrapArt® designs currently take about 1-2 weeks to ship. Orders are filled in the order they are received. The length of time for special requests such as creation of a hospital logo, new design, etc. will dependent upon ease of creating the design, acceptance of the sample, etc. and therefore may take longer.

8.) I have other questions regarding your product. What is the best way to contact WrapArt?
Please contact us by email (postmaster@wrapart.net)or telephone (262-389-0856)and we will be happy to assist you.