Our Company

WrapArt's mission is to strengthen the bond between a patient and their health care provider.

WrapArt® is not a product for bandaging but rather designs made out of cohesive bandage material like Vetrap™ and/or CoFlex® that is intended to be applied to bandages (soft padded, splint or cast) for decoration.

WrapArt® provides health care providers with a very fast, inexpensive and fun way to express how much they care about their patients by adding that little something extra to bandages, splints and casts.

We have many practices in the United States, Canada, Great Britian, Australia, New Zealand and Japan that have used our product and they and their clients love them! It is a simple way to express good will and strengthen the doctor-pet owner relationship. We even have some clinics that have had us create their hospital logo to be placed on bandages as a means of branding(advertising).